Managed Security Services: Cloud Security
Web Security Service Company


  • Email

    Accurate and advance detection capabilities to detect targeted and automated spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks

    1. Ability to enforce acceptable usage policies
    2. Reduce data loss and maintain compliance
    3. Easy implementation while reducing complexity
    4. Simple and Affordable Pricing
  • Web

    Prevent web-based attacks from infecting your network

    1. Ensure Web content is free of malicious code before delivery
    2. Blocks users from visiting inappropriate sites or infecting your network
    3. Enforce network policies by restricting access to specified websites
    4. Provides visibility into performance, threats, and web usage statistics
    5. Simple and Affordable Pricing
  • Endpoint

    Protect your workstations and mobile devices against the latest viruses and malware

    1. Simple and fast protection against cyber threats
    2. Hassle-free Management & Set-up
    3. Stronger Security on endpoints
    4. Simple and Affordable Pricing