IT Security Consulting
Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cybexa uses an iterative process to perform its risk mitigation services. Rather than wait weeks or even months for answers, we provided daily snapshots that offer you metrics and context regarding our ongoing activities.

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  • As we find threats and/or vulnerabilities we report on those immediately so you can begin to remediate as we continue to hunt for other risks that your organization may be exposed to.

  • IT Security Audit

    Perform evidence and question based assessments to verify compliance as well as to determine maturity level of security. Our security engineers will also check to ensure you IT infrastructure has proper security architecture and hardened to relieve any unnecessary risk.

  • Security Threat Assessments

    For organizations that just like to have their security in-house and would like a second perspective or their network traffic on a reoccurring or one-time basis this is the solution for you. We will work with you to securing provide us with the necessary security data and perform threat analysis by reviewing your logs and packets against our threat intelligence platform and correlation engines.

  • Vulnerability Testing & Management

    With ThreatGuard you are provide either quarterly or monthly vulnerability testing as a part of your service. However, if you are not ready to bring in a security partner to take over your threat detection needs though want access to security expertise vulnerability management services can help you achieve secure networks and compliance. Cybexa can provide monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc testing for any size environment.