We are Cybexa The Top Cyber Security Company

Cybexa is a leading and forward-thinking Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering Intrusion Detection and Monitoring – known as ThreatGuard, Remote Firewall Management, Cloud Security Solutions, and Incident Response. Our approach for each customer is to assess their maturity and build their capacity to defend against the most advanced threats on the market today. We execute this by working closely with our customers to determine their needs and thinking of ourselves as an extension of their company.


  • fortress

  • Perimeter

    VPNs • Intrusion Protection System

    Internal Network Security

    Intrusion Detection System

    Host Based Security

    HIDS • Web and Email Filtering • Endpoint Protection

    Data Security

    Data Loss Prevention • Backups • Authentication • Encryption

  • Managed Security Services

    Partner with Cybexa for your enterprise security needs. Cybexa offers managed solutions to provide peace of mind knowing your IT assets are being defended allowing you to focus more resources on the business. Benefits include:

    • Greater Visibility
    • Achieve Compliance
    • Lower IT Security Costs

  • Emergency Breach Support

    Have you or do you suspect you have been a victim of an IT security breach? Contact us immediately for instructions on what you need to do next! Benefits include:

    • Dedicated Incident Response Team
    • Containment and Eradication of Infection
    • Restoring Services to Normal Operations

  • IT Security Consulting

    Getting access to the top IT security talent is a challenge in today’s market. Partnering with Cybexa for your IT Security needs, whether that is to provide vulnerability management, review your security data, and/or perform and security audit, is a simple and cost effective way to enhance your IT security program. Benefits include:

    • Access to Certified Security Expertise
    • Non-biased Review of Security Posture
    • Immediate Results